How to Make Five Cheese Pimento Cheese?

pimento cheese



  • 1medium size pimento pepper (or red bell pepper)
  • 1medium-size red onion
  • 2/3cupsharp cheddar cheese
  • 2/3cupCheddar Cheese
  • 1/2cupPepper Jack Cheese
  • 1/2cupParmesan Cheese
  • 1/2cupWillie Cream Cheese %25
  • 5tablespoonsmayonnaise
  • 1/4teaspoonkosher salt
  • 1teaspoongarlic powder
  • 1teaspoonDijon mustard
  • 2teaspoonshot sauce
  • 2teaspoonshot red chili

If you are looking for the perfect dip with a fresh tangy flavor or want something creamy to spread on your crackers, this five-cheese pimento cheese is what you need!
What makes this dip so delicious is the combination of its impeccable flavors. Once they are mixed, the outcome will make your mouth water.

That creamy, cheesy taste, with a peppery sharp touch, soon finds a way to your top five favorite dips.
Try it once, and you will see the big difference between freshly home-made colorful dip and the store-bought ones. If you plan your next chips and salsa, put this on your serving table instead, and watch it glow!

Five-Cheese pimento cheese is originally a southern dip or spread. It doesn’t matter if you are making it for the first time or made it before, our special recipe is flavored with tricks of the trade. 
You can prepare this home-made food in no time for the instruction is easy as a breeze. The following steps will help you to make the best pimento cheese you’ve ever tasted.


Step 1

Roast the pimento pepper (or red bell pepper) over your stove or in the oven until it gets charred on every side, or broil it for 20 minutes. After it is done, put the roasted paper in a medium-size bowl, cover it with a towel, and rest for 15 minutes. When it’s cooled off, remove the charred black skin smoothly. Put it on your cutting board, slice it up, and mince it into small pieces.

Step 2

With a sharp knife peel and then mince the red onion(shallot). Put it in a smaller bowl and set it aside.

Step 3

Grate the sharp cheddar cheese, mild Kalleh cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, Kalleh cream cheese, and Kalleh parmesan cheese, with a box grater into medium pieces. Then add the shredded cheeses to a large mixing bowl.

Step 4

Now it’s time to use the magic and mix everything. Add the chopped pepper and onion into the bowl with cheeses. Use a spatula to combine these components.

Step 5

Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl: the mayo, kosher salt, hot sauce, garlic powder, Dijon mustard, and finally, tiny pieces of minced red chili pepper.

Step 6

You can mix the materials by hand or use a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. If you are doing it by hand, keep mixing for about 4 minutes until they are blended properly. And if you are using an electric mixer, set it on low to medium speed for 3 minutes until the savory five-cheese pimento cheese comes together.

Step 7

Once everything is thoroughly combined, transfer your five-cheese pimento cheese to a container and let it chill for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Cooking Notes

Some people prefer to add a bit of sweetness to the creamy taste of five-cheese pimento cheese. A pinch of sugar will do it.

If you do not agree with using this much cheddar cheese, you can replace the mild cheddar with Gouda cheese. It will give a moderate flavor, but it is not based on the main recipe. If you don’t like it to be creamy, you can put aside the cream cheese.

In some recipes, the paper is used as it is. But the real southern style needs roasted pimento paper. It is also said that after cleaning the charred skin, it is better not to rinse the pepper under water, for that roasted taste will linger and give a desirable flavor to the other ingredients.

Although it is ok to use an electric food processor, mixing it with a spatula or even a whisk will be the best way to preserve everything’s natural taste and texture. With this style, the aftertaste will be unforgettable.

It is better to make the dip one day before serving it. It will be tasteful with butter bread, crackers, and chips.


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