Classic Spaghetti Carbonara (Spaghetti a la Carbonara)



  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Total: 20 mins
  • Yield: 2 servings
  • Cooking Method: Cooking
  • Recipe Cuisine: Italian


  • 80grams duck prosciutto/ beef bacon
  • 1garlic clove
  • 1teaspoonblack pepper
  • 1free-range egg
  • 20grams Kalleh Romano cheese (or 1/3 cup grated Kalleh Parmesan cheese, plus more for serving)
  • 1/2pound(half a package) dried spaghetti
  • 2egg yolks
  • to garnish (optional)chopped parsley
  • 1tablespoon olive oil

Do angels sing when a bowl of Carbonara hits the table? The answer is certainly yes. We’re going to make this spaghetti, a classic Italian dish pasta that is quick and easy to make in just a few minutes.

Imagine freshly cooked spaghetti tossed in a delicious creamy sauce made up of Romano cheese with pieces of flavorful roasted beef bacon.

Let’s go for the most authentic recipe. you just need five ingredients. Duck prosciutto is the main one, and it’s all about the fat. You can substitute it with roasted beef bacon as well. There is also parmesan cheese which most people use, but the more classic cheese to go in this recipe is Romano cheese (sheep cheese). It is crumbly and salty. Other ingredients include free-range egg, pasta, black pepper, and (optionally) garlic. Get your friends, your family, get them around the table and enjoy this delicious Italian dish.


Step 1

First up, grab the pasta with two hands, twist it into the water so it won’t stick together. Put a tiny amount of salt in this water because the cheese and the duck prosciutto are salty. This beautiful pasta takes 8 minutes to cook.

Step 2

Grab your duck prosciutto and roughly chop it to about half centimeter chunks.

Step 3

Now, the pan is cold, turn it on to medium-high. You want to render the fat out. Pour your olive oil and the duck prosciutto into the pan, and while the pan is getting hot, give garlic a crack, and then put it in the pan. As this starts to sizzle, the fat will pull out some of that perfume from the garlic.

Step 4

Then there’s the black pepper. Get your peppercorns in a pestle and mortar, crack it.

Step 5

Get a small sieve. This actually is one of the most important tricks. The outer skin of the peppercorn is much milder. You need the inside part of the peppercorn, which is hotter. It’s perfect for a good, hot carbonara.

Step 6

While the duck prosciutto is getting golden, get on to the eggs. Eggs are delicate, and if you don’t treat them right, you end up with stir-fried noodles, which you don’t want. Take a bowl, crack the egg straight into there, and just add a little Kalleh Romano cheese to it. Give it a quick stir.

Step 7

Now you’ve got the fat that comes out of duck prosciutto, and that’s what you want. It is time to remove that garlic, turn the heat off, and drag the pasta and the water into the pan (use it to stop the frying).
The fat and water combination will give us a creamy sauce. No more frying is needed and you can think about adding your egg. As we toss, we add some more liquid.

Step 8

Finish by adding more pepper on top and a beautiful little finishing of Romano or Kalleh Parmesan cheese. If you like, garnish with chopped parsley.

Cooking Notes

It’s about quality ingredients, quality duck prosciutto and Romano cheese, free-range eggs, fresh pasta, and then exactly how to cook it that makes it perfect.


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