Lamb and Spinach Pie Recipe

Lamb and spinach pie


  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 85 mins
  • Total: 115 mins
  • Yield: 6 servings
  • Cooking Method: Baking
  • Recipe Cuisine: Greek


  • 500gramslamb neck fillet
  • 1red onion (roughly sliced)
  • 3garlic cloves (roughly chopped)
  • olive oil for drizzling
  • 500 gramscooked Basmati rice
  • 500gramsspinach
  • a bunch of spring onions (chopped)
  • 20gramsfresh dill (chopped)
  • a large bunch of (plus some extra to serve)fresh, flat leaf parsley (chopped)
  • 1teaspoonground allspice
  • 1teaspoonround coriander
  • 1teaspoonround cumin
  • 200gramsFeta Cheese (crumbled)
  • 3large eggs (beaten)
  • 1zest of a lemon (finely grated)
  • 1/2juice of lemon
  • 3centimeters piece of resh ginger (grated)
  • 7filo pastry sheets
  • 100gramsSweet Butter (melted)
  • 2tablespoonssesame seeds to sprinkle

This Middle Eastern lamb and spinach pie with feta is a wonderful weekend dish to feed all the family. The crispy golden filo pastry, the warm tasty lamb, Feta cheese, and the spinach are such a great combination that makes them the best thing ever came out of a home oven.

This pie is light because of the filling packages of filo pastry, which is crispy when cooked. It is so delicious and has more flavor than you expect from such simple ingredients; also, it has less fat if you are on a diet.

You can serve this pie with yogurt mixed with a little lemon juice and freshly chopped mint, and with a side green salad.


Step 1

Heat the oven to 200°C. Put the lamb neck fillet in a baking pan, season it with salt and pepper, add the red onion and garlic,  then drizzle with olive oil. Transfer the pan to the oven and let it roast for 45 minutes;  set aside to cool.

Step 2

When the lamb becomes cool, chop it into a small size, then put the shredded lamb in a large bowl. Add the cooled onion, garlic, and cooked rice to the lamb.

Step 3

If you use fresh spinach, you can blanch it in boiling water or in the microwave for a few minutes. Transfer the drained spinach to a clean towel, squeeze out moisture as much as you can. Then chop it and put it into the mixing bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients (except the filo, sesame seeds, and butter) to the bowl and gently stir until combined.

Step 4

Prepare a baking pan and brush with melted Sweet Butter. Unroll the filo pastry and place a sheet in the base of the buttered pan and brush with the melted butter completely, sprinkle it with salt plus pepper. Layer the next sheet, brush, sprinkle and repeat with three more. Make sure the sheets overhang the edge of the pan. Keep the remaining two sheets of filo for the top.

Step 5

Spoon the filling onto the pastry, then fold the edges of the pastry into the center. Cover it with two remaining filo sheets, brush over with butter and sprinkle with the sesame seeds.

Step 6

Bake the pie for 40 minutes until it becomes golden brown and crispy. Let it stand at least 10 minutes before cutting it. Now the lamb spinach pie is ready to serve! Enjoy!

Cooking Notes

You can omit the lamb and add another pack of crumbled Feta Cheese and some roasted red peppers to make the pie vegetarian.

You can use lamb mincemeat instead of a lamb neck fillet.

If you are on a diet and you are trying to lose weight, use lean lamb mince and drain off fat.

You can use ground beef, turkey, chicken, or even shrimp instead of lamb.

You should always keep the layers of pastry under a damp cloth because they dry out quickly.


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