Espresso Coffee Milk

225میلی لیتر
  • Fresh Cow,s Milk
  • Coffee Extract
  • Sugar
At Breakfast and as Snack Desserts
55.11 Cal
1.2 gr
0.11 gr
6.98 gr

Perfect for starting your day with maximum energy or getting a boost when you’re down in the afternoon after a day with busy schedules, Kalleh’s Solatte Espresso is an offer you cannot refuse. Solatte is a cup of ready-to-drink (as opposed to instant) coffee which can be served either cold or hot (just remove the foil cap and heat the cup for 30 seconds in a microwave). All Solatte products are made with the best Arabica coffee beans in the market unlike products from most brands that just use instant coffee. Espresso is the strongest form of coffee and contains the highest amount of caffeine. It is recommended for those who enjoy the bitter taste of the coffee. While making espresso, hot water is passed through ground coffee beans with high pressure. Kalleh’s Espresso contains a small amount of milk to match the Iranian taste.