Full Fat Set Yoghurt

  • Pasteurized Milk
  • Pasteurized Cream
  • Thermophile Starter
21 Days Refrigerated (°4 to °8 C)
84 Cal
4 g
4 g
ماده خشک
16 g

Kalleh Full Fat Set Yoghurt is a new delicious product of the Kalleh Dairy group made from pasteurized milk and pasteurized cream. The set yoghurts have a thick and spoonable consistency with a rich and creamy taste. Kalleh Full Fat Set Yoghurt can be a perfect option for kids, those who need to gain weight, and people who obtain their required fat from dairy. This yoghurt has a fresh and appetizing flavor. Kalleh Full Fat Set Yoghurt is a “Family” specialized product with no additives such as dyes, vegetable oils, and artificial flavors. Once the surface of this yoghurt breaks with a spoon, you may see a watery substance, which is not water; it is whey, a natural protein found in dairy products. It contains some of the nutrients of milk like calcium and vitamin D. Kalleh Full Fat Set Yoghurt is enriched with vitamin A, vitamin B1-B2, protein, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin B12. For that, it becomes a popular complement to many recipes. This yoghurt has a heart-melting taste and can be used in different recipes as a dip, dressing, or snack. You can keep this yoghurt refrigerated unopened for about 21 days.