Honey Cream with Walnut

  • %40 Cream
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Honey
  • Walnut
  • Stabilizer (E407, E410, E412)
30 Days Refrigerated (°4 to °8 C)
43.65 Cal
4.05 gr
1.2 gr
0.01 gr

Kalleh Honey Cream with Walnut is an amazing Kalleh Dairy Group product with fabulous taste and desired consistency. It is made with cream 40%, skimmed milk, honey, and walnut. This product is enriched with calcium, sodium, potassium, and different vitamins. The combination of these healthy and nutritional elements makes this product an energy bomb. Once the cream is mixed with honey and walnut, it will double in its nutrients. Honey cream with walnuts is beneficial for heart disease, digestive disorders, and intelligence enhancement. It is also perfect for people with special diets who want to receive high amounts of protein. Kalleh honey cream with walnuts has magical effects on kids’ growth, and it can be used for toddlers. This cream will also help older people because it can be easy to digest and filled with many minerals. Kalleh honey and walnut cream can be used as a complete meal, breakfast, and many snacks. Add this cream to your toast, or side it with crackers and enjoy the taste of this delicious treat. If you replace the regular cream with honey and walnut cream in pastries and desserts, you will have the best result. Add it to your muffin and cake batters, or use it as filling or frosting.