Milk Shake Solatte

    46 Days Refrigerated

    Kalleh Milkshake Solatte is the summer charm everybody needs to try. Milkshake or shake is a cold drink made by blending milk, ice cream, flavorings, and sweeteners. Kalleh Milkshake Solatte is a desirable and tempting product of Kalleh Dairy Group with extraordinary taste and stunning texture. It is loved and appreciated across the world by people with different taste palates. This shake will make you crave it every day. This excellent drink is made with pasteurized milk, sugar, and caramel flavor. If you are one of those people who think caramel makes everything better, you must try this fabulous drink. Whenever you want something cold and sweet, Kalleh Milkshake Solatte is available. You can have it as an afternoon snack, drink it after a workout, or enjoy it with your loved ones. With these delicious Kalleh Milkshake Solatte packs, you can bring coffee shops to your own home. Kids will also love this fantastic milkshake. You can surprise them with one in their lunchboxes or as an after school snack.