Mocha Solatte

    45 Days Refrigerated

    Kalleh Mocha Solatte is one of those magical drinks that everybody must try at least once. Mocha is short for a Mocha Latte or Caffe Mocha, an Italian drink based on steamed milk, espresso, and chocolate syrup. This drink is like a coffee latte, but the difference is that the mocha latte contains espresso and chocolate. It has a desirable taste with a smooth texture. Kalleh Mocha Solatte is made with pasteurized milk, coffee extract, sugar, and chocolate powder. This chocolate drink will taste phenomenal, both hot and cold, but the hot version is more desired. If you try this drink once, it will become your favorite treat to start the day with, and soon it will take the place of that morning cup of coffee. Kalleh Mocha Solatte will be a perfect choice on a cold rainy winter evening sided with a piece of homemade freshly baked cake. You can also take one with you to work and drink it as a healthy and extra delicious snack during the day. The shelf life of this drink is about 45 days refrigerated.