Banana Drink

    Six Months at Room Temperature

    Is there anyone who doesn’t like the taste of fresh bananas? Kalleh Banana Drink is a delicious new product of Kalleh Dairy Company especially made for fruit lovers. This excellent drink is made of fresh cow’s milk, banana concentrate, whey, and sugar. It has a velvety and smooth texture with a creamy and buttery taste. The combination of fresh milk with banana is the real deal for those who like flavored milk. This appetizing drink is suitable for those who don’t want to drink milk in general. This mixture is also the kids’ favorite. You can put it in their lunchboxes or surprise them for their after-school snack with one of these delicious packs. Kalleh Banana Drink is a great complement for your party tables, like evening afternoon parties or friendly gatherings. Side it with fresh banana slices, strawberries, or hot from the oven cupcakes, cookies, and biscuits to receive the compliments. If you are a fan of fruit smoothies, this hearty banana drink will be really helpful to make one ASAP. Kalleh Banana Drink can be used as a dessert too. The shelf life of this drink is about six months, unopened at room temperature.