ESL Full Fat Milk

    28 Days Refrigerated (°4 to °8 C)

    Kalleh ESL Full Fat Milk is an excellent product of Kalleh Dairy Group with a special taste. ESL or Extended Shelf Life milk has a longer shelf life and does not spoil as quickly as fresh milk. Kalleh ESL Full Fat Milk will last drinkable for about four weeks unopened in the refrigerator. It is made from fresh cow’s milk with an extraordinary taste. ESL milk is produced by heating the milk under 127 to 135 C for about 4 seconds to eliminate any spoilage germs. Kalleh ESL Full Fat Milk can preserve its taste and nutrition through the whole process, and for that, it has a taste like pasteurized milk. This amazing drink is enriched with many useful and healthy components, including various vitamins, protein, calcium, and potassium. This milk can make the digestive system work better with the help of its structure. Use Kalleh ESL Full Fat Milk, and you do not have to buy milk every day, and nothing goes to waste this way. Kalleh ESL Full Fat Milk can be a proper choice for breakfast cereal or smoothies. You can use it in many recipes that contain milk, such as soups, cakes, desserts, or sauces.