Cantaloupe Flavored Milk

200میلی لیتر
  • Fresh Cow milk
  • Sugar
  • Cantaloupe Concentrate
  • Vitamin
  • Thickener
6 months at room temperature
66.5 Cal
0.1 gr
10 gr

Embrace summer with Kalleh Cantaloupe Flavored Milk. This stunning new product of Kalleh Dairy Group has become one of the most popular drinks globally. Cantaloupe is a delicious and desirable summer fruit with a fresh and hearty taste. This drink is made of pasteurized milk, cantaloupe stabilizer, and sugar. The taste of this drink is sweet, rich, and fresh. Kalleh Cantaloupe Flavored Milk is a perfect source of different vitamins, including D, E, and B12. It is also fortified with vitamin A as the base vitamin existing in fresh cantaloupe fruit. Homemade cantaloupe milk can’t be stored more than 2-3 hours because the taste of this mixture will turn bitter based on a chemical process. But Kalleh Cantaloupe Flavored Milk is made of UHT milk, which gives it a longer shelf life, which is about six months at room temperature unopened. Kids desire this drink, and you can put it as a regular treat on their snacks or lunch boxes. Use this perfect and tasty drink on your breakfast to start an energetic day. Kalleh Cantaloupe Flavored Milk is an excellent complement to many milkshakes and fresh summer drinks as well.