ESL Low Fat Milk

    28 Days Refrigerated (°4 to °8 C)

    Kalleh ESL Low Fat Milk is everything you need for a better life. This delicious product of Kalleh Dairy Group is made from fresh cow’s milk under hygienic circumstances and unique standards. ESL or Extended Shelf Life is related to products with longer-lasting periods. Kalleh ESL Low Fat Milk can be refrigerated unopened for about one month. This amazing milk is produced by heating the milk to 127 to 135 C for four seconds eliminating all the spoilage germs. This milk has a smooth and silky texture with a fresh taste. Based on its making process this milk will have a similar taste to pasteurized milk, which is sweet and earthy. Kalleh ESL Low Fat Milk is low in fat content and can be used in so many diets, especially for those who need to control their fat intake. The healthy structure of this drink will help the digestive system of those who use it regularly. Kalleh ESL Low Fat Milk can be used in many different cuisines, including heated and non-heated meals. It can be a great complement to your breakfast cereal. It tastes fantastic in coffee or smoothies.