Barista Milk (Special for Coffee Shop

    Six Months at Room Temperature

    Kalleh Barista Milk (Special for Coffee Shop) is the coffee lover’s dream come true. Nothing is more pleasurable than drinking your favorite coffee with rich foam and heavenly taste. This milk is exclusively made for coffee shops and coffee seekers across the world. Kalleh Barista Milk is made of pasteurized full-fat milk. It has a rich and silky taste perfect for hot and cold drinks. This milk’s high-fat content and its creamy texture make it much easier to shape a desirable foam for an artistic coffee. Kalleh Barista Milk (Special for Coffee Shop) can be used for a rich French coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso, and any other coffee that requires creamy milk. Although this milk is specialized for coffee shops, you can use it in desserts and cakes recipes and enjoy the unique results. Kalleh Barista Milk contains about 3.8% fat content, which is very ideal with its specific usage. Using this Kalleh milk for your breakfast and soups can also give a fabulous taste that everyone will love, especially kids. The shelf life of this milk is about six months at room temperature unopened.