Fortified Low Fat Milk with Cereal & Apple puree

    Six Months at Room Temperature

    If you are looking for a delicious breakfast, Kalleh Fortified Low Fat Milk with Cereal & Apple puree is one of the most popular morning meals across the world. The taste of this milk is heavenly. Breakfast milk is appetizing for both adults and kids. You can use this savory milk for children’s lunchboxes or after school snacks. This amazing milk is fortified with cereals and apple puree. Since the milk goes under high heat during the sterilization process, it is possible to lose many vitamins and minerals in it. That is why this milk is fortified with the beneficial elements needed for body health and beauty. Kalleh Fortified Low Fat Milk with Cereal & Apple puree enriched with beneficial vitamins including A, B groups, and D. The fiber in apples and cereals activates the intestines and gastrointestinal tract, so using this product regularly will resolve digestive disorders like constipation and abdominal pain. If you don’t feel like eating breakfast or you don’t have enough time to eat it, having this fantastic milk will do the trick. You can also use this milk for a unique and hearty dessert or even in pancake recipes and enjoy its fabulous taste. The shelf life of this product is about six months, unopened at room temperature.