Honey Milk

    Six Months at Room Temperature

    Kalleh Honey Milk is a beneficial and delicious product of Kalleh Dairy Group, perfect for sweetness lovers. This milk is made of pasteurized milk and honey. This drink is full of advantages for your body’s health and beauty. Kalleh Honey Milk is enriched with multiple vitamins such as A, D, and B groups. Milk and honey are both a great source of essential nutrients for the body. When combined, they have numerous health benefits, from improving the immune system to hair and skin protection. Honey milk is helpful for sleep disorders, stamina, bone health, and ease digestion. Heat a glass of this fantastic honey milk whenever you have trouble sleeping and wait for the miracle. Kalleh Honey Milk is an excellent option for children’s snacks or lunch boxes. It can be perfect for kids’ growth. If you like to taste something sweet in your smoothies, this dreamy combination will do it. Kalleh Honey Milk can be used in different pastries like cakes, pancakes, puddings, waffles, and cupcakes. You can add it to pastries filling and frosting and taste its deliciousness. The shelf life of this product is about six months at room temperature unopened.