Butter with Garlic

    Six Months Frozen

    Kalleh Butter with Garlic is a desirable product of Kalleh Dairy Group with universal popularity. Butter and garlic are a magical pair. Garlic is the most known herb, and butter is almost used in every cuisine. Kalleh garlic butter is made with animal butter and fresh garlic. The taste of this butter is absolutely delicious. Garlic butter is a versatile element which can be used to toss, saute, bake, grill, and spread. Apart from being tasty and an inseparable part of cooking, Garlic butter has many nutritional components that serve multiple health benefits. It is useful for boosting the immune system, acting as a detoxifying agent, and safeguarding against cancer cells. Adding Kalleh garlic butter to your food will give you an appetizing and desirable taste. If you want to bring out the best of it, use this garlic butter in garlic bread, glaze for roasted meats like chicken, salmon, or steak, add it to mashed potato, garlic shrimp, pasta sauce, and many others. You can also mix this butter with chopped fresh herbs and enhance the savory flavor.