Camembert Cheese

  • Pastuerized Milk
  • Food salt 2%
  • mesophilic starter
  • calsium Chloride E509
  • extract Rennet
  • penicillium mold Powder
21 روز در یخچال (4-8 درجه سانتی گراد) پیش از باز کردن بسته بندی  1 هفته در یخچال (4-8 درجه سانتی گراد) پس از باز کردن بسته بندی
329.08 Cal
28 gr
2 gr
19 gr
50 gr
ماده خشک

Ingredients: pasteurized milk, calcium chloride, starter, rennet, and refined edible salt, Penicillium mold

Description: Camembert is a soft French cheese known as the country’s national cheese and commonly referred to as the cheese of love. The outer surface of the product is covered with an edible mold that helps the digestive system. Camembert is characterized by its distinct strong smell which grows stronger as the product matures and becomes softer over the period of 21 days. In order to make one kilogram of the product, 10 to 12 kilograms of fresh cow milk are needed. The Penicillium mold in the cheese is beneficial to the digestive track.

Usage: Camembert tastes great with figs, grapes, pears, baguette, dried fruit, honey, cherry jam, apricots, figs, and blackberries in parties. It can also be eaten for breakfast, afternoon tea, in sandwiches with beef or turkey, in salads, and with baked potatoes.