Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese, with its own strong, spicy, sharp, and salty taste, is the most popular cheese in England and the second most popular cheese in America.

  • Pasteurized milk 3% fat
  • Refined edible salt
  • Mesophilic starter
  • Rennet
  • Calcium chloride
  • Annatto food coloring
Up to one Year Refrigerated (°2 to °6 C)
372.48 Cal (Per 100 grams)
31 gr (Per 100 grams)
23 gr (Per 100 grams)
2 gr (Per 100 grams)
0.36 gr (Per 100 grams)
ماده خشک
61 gr (Per 100 grams)

The roots of Cheddar cheese go back to the 12th century and to a village called Cheddar in Somerset County, England. Cheddar village has deep caves that farmers use to store milk on hot days. Legend has it that one day a girl forgot to put a bucket of milk inside the cave and when she returned, she found that the milk had turned into the golden cheese that is so popular today.

Cheddar cheese has always been a royal favorite of English kings. Each kilogram of cheddar cheese is produced from 12 to 14 kilograms of cow’s milk and is rich in calcium, easily digestible protein, phosphorus, and various vitamins. Cheddar cheese has a hard texture and is used in cooking various soups, quiche Lorraine, food muffins, and bread.