Classic Chai Latte

    45 Days Refrigerated (°4 to °8 C)

    Kalleh Classic Chai Latte (UHT) is a desirable drink that lets you bring your favorite cafe beverage home. Chai latte is a milky, fragrant, spicy, and popular drink across the world. It is the oldest tea-based drink, originated in India. Kalleh Classic Chai Latte (UHT) is made with pasteurized milk, sugar, tea extracted powder. It is a very soothing drink that can make you feel relaxed and comfy. The fresh taste with its natural, earthy flavors will calm your nervous system. It can be a great choice to start the day with or end a busy working day with a cup of this delicious and tranquilizer drink. Kalleh Classic Chai Latte (UHT) is enriched with many beneficial components helping your body. You can also serve this delightful tea at your special parties and gatherings. Everyone will love its unique taste and appetizing flavor. If you suffer from insomnia a cup of hot Kalleh Classic Chai Latte (UHT) will be helpful. The milk in this product went under the Ultra Heat Treatment process, by which it will heat to 135C. As a result, bacteria endoscopes will be killed, and the shelf life of this product will be increased.