Dessert FrauMille with Orange Blossom

    180 Days Frozen Below °18-c

    Kalleh Dessert FrauMille with Orange is another special product of Kalleh Dairy Group. The amazing thing about this popular dessert is the fresh flavor of orange. This dessert has a smooth and soft consistency with a sweet, creamy taste. That bold orange taste adds earthy and natural touch to it. Kalleh Dessert FrauMille with Orange is made with pasteurized skimmed milk, cream 3%, and orange jam. This appetizing dessert has lots of health and beauty benefits for your body, skin, and hair. If you are looking for a comfortable, delicious yet fancy dessert, this Kalleh dessert is the one. You can invite friends over and serve them this fabulous dessert and wait for the compliments! It will work for all the other gatherings, parties, and ceremonies as well. You can side this tasty dessert with hot biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, crackers, or fresh fruit slices. In summer’s long days, decorate a freshly baked orange cake with this great dessert and enjoy its heavenly flavor. It can be a perfect choice for frosting or filling pastries. The shelf life of Kalleh Dessert FrauMille with Orange is about three months refrigerated.