Honey Milk & Rice Dessert

    One Month Refrigerated (°4 to °8 C)

    Treat yourself to the best with this fabulous Kalleh Honey Milk & Rice Dessert. This amazing dessert is a brand-new and pleasing product of Kalleh Dairy Group with an unforgettable taste and mouthwatering taste. The nostalgic aroma and silky texture made this dessert a popular choice across the world. This unique dessert is made of pasteurized milk (fat 3%), honey, cream, and rice. It is enriched with nutritional components and different vitamins, perfect for your health, skin, hair, and well-being. Not only this magical combination has a delightful taste; it is also beneficial. Using this Kalleh dessert regularly will resolve digestion disorders such as constipation and abdominal pain. It will help insomnia as well. You can start an energetic day with this delicious dessert on your breakfast table. If your kids don’t like milk plainly, this dessert can be the best substitute to pack on their lunchboxes or use for afterschool snacks.