Coffee Milk (UHT)

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Coffee powder
  • Thickener
6 months at room temperature
71 Cal
0.1 gr
10 gr
ماده خشک
16.5 gr

Double the taste of coffee with Kalleh’s fascinating Coffee Milk. Kalleh Coffee Milk (UHT) is the magical product of Kalleh Dairy Group for milk and coffee lovers. This fantastic combination has become one of the most popular drinks across the world. It has an exceptional taste and fabulous texture. This delicious drink is made of pasteurized milk, non-fat powdered milk, coffee powder, and sugar. Coffee is a popular drink across the world. This great combination of milk and coffee is what you wish for. Kalleh Coffee Milk (UHT) is enriched with various vitamins such as A, D, and B groups. Using it regularly will reduce the risk of asthma and bone issues. The milk used in this stunning product went under the Ultra-heat treatment process, in which the milk will heat to 135 C for sterilizing and killing the bacteria endoscopes. As a result, the final product is safe with a longer shelf life. This delicious drink can be a perfect complement to your morning coffee. Add it to your chocolate-based smoothies and enjoy its unique taste. You can use this milk for different desserts, puddings, cookies, cakes, and waffles. The Shelf life of Kalleh Coffee Milk (UHT) is about six months, unopened at room temperature.