Deutsche Marken Butter

9 months in freezing conditions
110.7 Cal
12.3 gr
0 gr
0 gr

Kalleh Deutsche MarkenButter is one of the most delicious and most popular products of Kalleh Dairy Group. This fabulous German butter is known for its unique taste, heart-melting aroma, appetizing color, and the perfect consistency. It is also famous for having the highest standard and quality of all kinds of butter in the food and dairy industries. This butter has a homogeneous and uniform texture, which turns it into an ideal spread. Kalleh Deutsche MarkenButter is made of fresh cow’s milk, butter, sugar, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, glucose syrup, cocoa powder, and coffee powder. This butter has many health benefits, such as helping beta carotene and fat-soluble vitamin absorption. Kalleh Deutsche MarkenButter also contains many micronutrients that can have anti-cancer properties. Using this butter for younger people, especially kids, is necessary. It will improve the immune and nervous systems. Kalleh Deutsche MarkenButter can be used in different baking and cooking recipes. Adding this butter to pastry batters and dessert will give a delectable taste.