Drinkable Strawberry Dessert

    Six Months at Room Temperature

    Kalleh Drinkable Strawberry Dessert is a delicious and brand-new product of the Kalleh Dairy Group with fascinating flavor and an appetizing taste. This dessert has become one of the most popular desserts in the world, served on different occasions. One of the amazing things about this fabulous dessert is its crowd-pleasing taste, which is acceptable worldwide. It is made of fresh cow’s milk, sugar, strawberry fruit puree and starch. Kalleh Drinkable Strawberry Dessert can be used any time of the day. Since it is delicious and strengthening, you can pack it in children’s lunch boxes. If you have friends over and want to surprise them with fascinating flavors a bowl of Kalleh Drinkable Strawberry Dessert will be an incredible treat. If you are trying to start your day with nutrients and a healthy diet, Kalleh Drinkable Strawberry Dessert is a perfect option. It will also be a cheerful midday snack for everyone.