Fortified Vanilla Flavored Milk

    Six Months at Room Temperature

    Kalleh Fortified Vanilla Flavored Milk is a delicious product of Kalleh Dairy Group. It is made of pasteurized milk, sugar, and vanilla. This milk is fortified with various beneficial minerals and vitamins. It has a sweet, fresh, and earthy taste with a silky smooth texture. This milk is enriched with calcium, protein, and potassium. Kalleh Fortified Vanilla Flavored Milk can be an excellent choice for kids’ lunchboxes or after school snacks. A magical advantage of using vanilla regularly is that vanilla will improve body repair at the molecular level. It can be a great complement to other pastry recipes. You can add this milk to your pancakes, cakes, cookies, and different types of desserts. If you like your morning smoothies a little sweet with an amazing taste, use Kalleh Fortified Vanilla Flavored Milk in them to enjoy its deliciousness. Add this milk to your hot drinks like tea or coffee for a memorable taste. The shelf life of this product is about six months, unopened at room temperature.