Banana Milk (UHT)

1000میلی لیتر
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Banana concentrate
  • Thickener
6 months at room temperature
90.5 Cal
0.1 gr
11 gr
ماده خشک
19.5 gr

Kalleh Banana Flavored Milk (UHT) is a tasty drink from Kalleh Dairy Group with amazing flavor. Since milk is one of the most important sources of calcium, using it on a regular basis is a must. Adding different flavors to it will give you a wide range of delicious choices to keep your diets healthy and different. Kalleh Banana Flavored Milk (UHT) is made of pasteurized milk, sugar, and banana concentrate. The milk went under the Ultra-heat Treatment process. This commonly applied technique was used first in the 1960s to provide safe and shelf-stable milk. The liquid will be sterilized by heating it above 135 C for two to five minutes through this process. This way, the bacterial endospores will be killed. This drink is suitable for different ages and different diets. Kids will love its fresh taste as well as adults. You can use Kalleh Banana Flavored Milk (UHT) in various recipes such as desserts, puddings, pancakes, cupcakes, waffles, and cookies. Adding it to your smoothies will bring you the best taste to start your morning with it. The shelf life of this product is about six months, unopened at room temperature.