Oval Cream cheese 24% Fat

    two Months refrigerated

    Oval cream cheese is a product of Kalleh with 24% fat content. Cream cheese was first made in the US, but it’s nowadays consumed globally. The mild flavor and white color of Oval cream cheese with its interesting shape make this product an excellent choice among the dairy products we should consume every day. By eating this product, you give your body vitamins A and B2, high amounts of calories, and some of the necessary antioxidants. If you want to put on weight or have children, the rich sources of calcium in this cheese will benefit you in the best way. Cream cheese should not be kept on the shelf for a long time. Once opened, you shouldn’t keep it for more than two weeks. After this time, you may smell an unnatural aroma or see changes in the color and surface of the cheese. Oval cream cheese is a great choice to spread on toast and eat as a healthy breakfast. You can also eat it as a snack or mix it with other ingredients to make sweets or different desserts. This cheese is a proper choice for creamy sauces and goes perfectly with cheesecake as it gives a perfect taste to the cake.