Panna Cotta dessert

1000سی سی
  • Fresh Cow’s Milk
  • sugar
  • Cream
  • Starch vanilla Essence
  • Stabilizer (E407,E410, E412)
  • Beta Carotene
3 Months refrigerated
113 Cal
6.8 g
0.08 g
10.5 g


Panna cotta is an Italian dessert containing cream and gelatin. The dessert is made in a mold with coffee, vanilla or other ingredients being added to create different flavors. In Italian, the phrase “panna cotta” translates to “cooked cream”. Panna cotta is very popular in the US and Europe. Legend has it that the dessert was first discovered by villagers in the highlands of Piemonte who let their cows’ milk rest for long periods of time. Over the years, this delicious rural snack has turned into a sensational international dessert with hundreds of flavors from chocolate and vanilla to all types of fruit and even coffee. Kalleh’s panna cotta consists of milk, cream, and carrageenan which is extracted from natural herbal gelatin and adds a consistent texture jelly-like texture to the dessert. Our panna cotta is served in beautiful packaging and it is ready to be served immediately after opening the package.