White cheese

  • 3% Pasteurized Milk
  • Refined Edible Salt
  • Starter
  • Cheese Source
70 Days
57.96 Cal
3.6 gr
2.4 gr
0.9 gr

Many people do not eat breakfast for various reasons, such as lack of time or habit. But breakfast is the most important meal that supplies energy throughout the day. In addition, contrary to some people’s belief, what is eaten as a snack is essential in following a healthy diet. One of the foods that can be eaten as a valuable and healthy breakfast or snack is white cheese. Kale white cheese has a moderately salty taste and is rich in protein and calcium. This cheese, produced from cow’s milk, has a soft texture. White cheeses that are produced by the ultrafiltration method have a very desirable health quality due to the unique technology. This method increases the efficiency of turning milk into cheese by 20% and prevents the loss of valuable milk products.