Craem cheese 20% Fat

    two Months refrigerated

    Cream cheese is a dairy product made by mixing milk and cream without heating. It was first made in the US, and the varieties made in this country have at least %33 fat content. But this cream cheese of Kalleh has no more than %20 fat. Due to having large amounts of calories, cream cheese is an appropriate product for children and those who want to gain some weight. It’s a good source of vitamin A and also includes some amount of vitamin B2. Moreover, by consuming this product, your body receives many of the necessary antioxidants that can specifically be useful for the health of the eyes. During the process of making cream cheese, lactic acid is added to the product to give it a smoother texture. Compared to other types of cheese, it has a shorter shelf life, and therefore you should consume it in a short time. This cheese has a mild flavor and creamy texture that can be easily spread on toast and crackers. People also use it as an ingredient to make different desserts and sweets. Among them, we can mention cheesecake as a favorable dessert all over the world. It also goes perfectly with sandwiches and cooked potatoes, and you can use it to prepare creamy sauces as well.