Pesto Processed Cheese

Green Pesto Cheese is a semi-hard Italian cheese from the Gouda family. It is one of the most efficient products for cooking. It saves you the trouble of making fresh pesto each time because it has a natural and earthy flavor close to the famous pesto sauce. This cheese is made of pasteurized milk, containing garlic extract and basil. The green color comes from the pigments in basil leaves, which added to the cheese. Kalleh Pesto Processed Cheese (Sliced) is a new product of the Kalleh Processed Cheese group, with healthy substances like calcium, protein, phosphorus, and specific vitamins. Pesto cheese is easy to digest and suitable for different ages. Pesto Processed Cheese (Sliced) has a unique taste with a light and creamy texture. Pesto Processed Cheese melts perfectly over different dishes such as sandwiches, snacks, and toasts. You can simply mix it with olive oil and serve it with pasta, pizzas, and lasagna. Kalleh Pesto Processed Cheese (Sliced) can be used in any pesto-based recipe. This cheese’s fresh spices make it a lovely addition to cheese platters sided with bread, fruits, and vegetables. The shelf life of pesto processed cheese is about three months in the freezer.

Three Months Refrigerated
291 Cal
1.5 gr
52 gr
14 gr