Date Milk (UHT)(Deprecated)

200میلی لیتر
  • Pasteurized milk
  • Sugar
  • Sap
  • Thickener
6 months at room temperature
207.6 Cal
6 gr
12.7 gr
0.2 gr

Kalleh Date Flavored Milk (UHT) is a unique product of Kalleh Dairy Product. The taste of this milk is memorable and appetizing. It is considered a robust drink with perfect ingredients. It is made of sterilized and fresh milk, date nectar, and sugar. It is believed that date is the perfect complement to milk because it is enriched with iron, and milk doesn’t have it. This makes them be the perfect combination as a health pack filled with beneficial elements suitable for your immune system, skin, hair, and bones. Data also contains various vitamins including A, C, D, potassium, and zinc. It is a fact that using milk and date together will increase calcium absorbance. The fibre in date helps the digestive system and those who suffer from constipation. Kalleh Date Flavored Milk (UHT) is made from an Ultra-heat Treatment process by which the milk will be sterilized with a much longer shelf life. Kalleh Date Flavored Milk is a proper choice for breakfast and snacks. Adding it to kid’s diets will help their growth and health. Use this delicious drink in your smoothies and cakes to enjoy its natural sweetness. The shelf life of this amazing product is about six months at room temperature unoppened.