Full Cream Strained Yoghurt

    21 Days Refrigerated

    Kalleh Full Cream Strained Yoghurt is a flavorful product of Kalleh Dairy Group. This delicious yoghurt is made from pasteurized fresh milk and cream. Kalleh full cream strained yoghurt is a thickened yoghurt mostly used by the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean. Full cream strained yoghurt is strained to remove the excess watery whey, creating a thicker, more protein-dense yoghurt. The taste of this yoghurt is creamy, milky, and earthy. It has a firm and uniform consistency perfect for different recipes. Kalleh full cream strained yoghurt includes many healthy elements, including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1-B2, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin B12. This popular yoghurt can be a suitable replacement for mayonnaise to balance calorie usage. Since it doesn’t curdle, you can use this yoghurt for high-temperature cooking. You can enjoy this exceptional taste of full cream strained yoghurt by merely spreading it over toasts, bread, crackers, and fruits. Combine this yoghurt with minced aromatic plants, fruits, granola, or add it to pudding and soups. Replace the sour cream with this full cream strained yoghurt. Use Kalleh yoghurt to garnish vegetables, cool down spicy meats, and many pastry, desserts, and fillings. The shelf life of this appetizing product is about 21 days unopened.