Full fat Shredded Pizza Cheese

The full-fat shredded pizza cheese is a dairy product manufactured for different usages. It is mostly a match to one of the greatest comfort foods, pizza. It shines on the food, tastes rich, melts beautifully, and bakes with satisfying chewiness. It has wonderful accent flavors, and adds that gourmet spark to your dish. The healthy combination of this cheese makes it a popular choice for cheese enthusiasts. It is a nutritious product with calcium and vitamin K. The magic touch is the classic gouda cheese mixture. For sure, it deserves a top spot in your rosters of perfect pizza cheeses. This delicious pizza cheese pairs nicely with lots of meals. But using it in baking dishes will give an extraordinary result. It will taste perfect in different types of lasagnas, pizzas, sandwiches, omelets, pasta, casseroles, and pies. Since it is already shredded, all you need to do is scatter it over your foods and enjoy the outcome, which is guaranteed to impress pizza lovers of all ages! This balanced amount of detail makes it a perfect choice for daily basis usage. You can try this cheese individually or mix and match your favorite type of cheese to achieve a better result.

    Six Months Frozen (-18° C)