Kaymak (UHT)

    30 Days Refrigerated (°4 to °8 C)

    Kalleh Kaymak (UHT) is a special product with universal popularity. Kaymak is a creamy and smooth dairy product of Kalleh Dairy Group, like clotted cream. It is made with pasteurized milk and pasteurized cream. The Kaymak making method is to slowly boil milk and simmer it for about two hours over very low heat. Once the heat shuts off, the cream will be skimmed from the top of the milk and left to chill. Kalleh Kaymak is enriched with calcium, protein, potassium, and various vitamins. It has a silky, thick, creamy texture with a heavenly taste. The smooth milky taste is really desirable. The milk used for this product went under Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT), which gives it a longer shelf life, which is about 30 days refrigerated. Kalleh Kaymak can be a perfect part of kids’ diets, for it will help their growth and immune system. Using Kaymak with bread, crackers, and toast as a creamy spread will bring out the best. You can add Kaymak to your desserts and pastries recipes. Kaymak will also be a fantastic topping for cakes, puddings, and muffins. If you want to have a complete meal for a fancy breakfast, Kaymak will be your number one choice.