Square Cream Cheese

Break fast,Snacks and starters

    two Months refrigerated

    Square cream cheese is a mixture of milk and cream that has a US originality. While the cream cheese types produced in the US have more than 30% fat content, this product of Kalleh is a healthier dairy product with lower fat content. The white color and mild flavor have made this product a favorable item on the table for both children and adults. Square cream cheese of Kalleh is a rich source of calcium, vitamin A, and calories. The low percentage of lactose makes this product an excellent choice for those who have difficulty in lactose digestion. Plus, some necessary antioxidants for the health of the eyes can be found in it, too. Square cream cheese, compared to other types of cheese, can’t be kept on store shelves for a very long time. Additionally, once you open the product, you should not keep it in the refrigerator for more than two weeks. As a result, you need to consume it fresh for making creamy sauces, cheesecake, or sandwiches. Many also spread it on toast and crackers for a healthy snack. Always remember to avoid eating this cheese if you ever smell an unpleasant aroma or see molds on the surface.