Sweet Butter (Fat min.%82)

    Six Months Frozen

    Kalleh Sweet Butter (Fat min.%82) is a crowd-pleasing product of the Kalleh Dairy group with universal popularity. Unsalted butter is often referred to as sweet butter. It is made with fresh cow’s milk and butterfat. To make the sweet butter, the cream gets sterilized with heat until the butterfat content breaks away. Once separated, the thick fat content will get churned until a solid mass forms. Kalleh sweet butter (Fat min.%82) has an earthy, aromatic, and milky taste with desired consistency. When it is melted, it can resemble the taste of honey and caramel as well. It is enriched with vitamin A, protein, and calcium. It can be a versatile component in many diets, especially for kids. Kalleh sweet butter (Fat min.%82) can be used in different meals, including baking and cooking. You can use this butter for making cakes, cookies, and bread. Spread it over toasts with jam or honey and enjoy every bite. You can melt the sweet butter over roasted meat, pasta, and various soups and sauces. Kalleh sweet butter will add a richer flavor and texture to your food choices. The shelf life of this delicious butter is about six months frozen.