Willie Classic Cream cheese

    two Months refrigerated

    The soft Willie cream cheese of Kalleh, with its mild taste, has a dense texture that does not flow at normal temperature. Even the Japanese cooks favor this product since it’s a perfect match for Japanese cuisines such as Sushi and Rolls. It has high amounts of Protein, Calcium, Phosphors, and other necessary vitamins for the human body that makes it a top choice for those who care about natural and healthy diets. The Willie cream cheese is made through a natural and fresh process by fermentation of milk. Since considerable amounts of cream are added to the milk, the final taste of the product is creamy. Whether you want to make foods or make cakes and desserts, the Kalleh Willie cream cheese is a perfect choice. It will add a pleasant and fresh taste to your dish and brings the nutrition of dairy products to your body that is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.