Buffalo Two layers Yoghurt %8 fat yoghurt

    21 Days Refrigerated

    Kalleh ,Buffalo two layers yoghurt %8, is a fantastic product of the Kalleh dairy group with a delicious taste and memorable flavor. This tasty yoghurt is made from fresh Buffalo ‘s milk with 8% fat content. It has a thick and spoonable consistency, creamy, milky taste, and smooth, silky texture. This yoghurt is considered to be a healthy addition to your table. It contains various nutritious components such as protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and vital vitamins, including A, D, B1, B12, enhancing your bone density, easing the digestive system, and supporting the immune system. As a result, you can use this savory product on different diets. It can also be beneficial for different ages. This yoghurt’s versatile nature, combined with its sweet, earthy spice, makes it a perfect pair for many recipes. You can mix and match this yoghurt as a desirable food dressing to use on your salads, steaks, and vegetables. Spread it over your crackers, toasts, and sandwiches to enhance perfection. The Kalleh  Buffalo two layers yoghurt 8% will taste amazing in sauces, desserts, fillings as a unique touch. This could be an excellent complement to your dip platter. The shelf life of Kalleh Buffalo two layers yoghurt 8% is about 21 days in the fridge and unopened.