Willie Cream Cheese %25

    four Months Refrigerated

    Kalleh Willie cream cheese (25% fat content) is a soft and creamy cheese made from fresh milk and natural cream through the fermentation process. Compared with Kalleh classic Willie cream cheese, this new product’s fat content is about 25%. For that, it can be a perfect option for everyone. The nutritional components of this cream cheese, such as protein, calcium, and k vitamin, turn it into a significant part of different diets. The Willie cream cheese will hold its dense shape at room temperature, giving it a perfect elasticity and smoothness. Kalleh Willie cream cheese 25% can be used in both cooking and non-cooking recipes. It will taste flawless, without any crumble or curdle. For an exceptional outcome, use this cream cheese in your pasta sauce, scatter it in lasagna filling, and spread it onto a pizza crust. Kalleh Wille cream cheese 25% will work nicely with different types of sushi. It will amplify the creamy taste of cheesecakes and other cream-based desserts. Complete your cheese platter with some fresh fruits, crackers, and the unique Willie cream cheese 25%. You can keep this cheese refrigerated unopened for about four months.