Willie Cream Cheese with Herbs

    Four Months refrigerated

    Kalleh Willie cream cheese with herbs combines the great taste and quality of Willie cream cheese with popular herbs. You can find parsley, garlic, basil, oregano, thyme, and small amounts of caraway and salt in this product. Aside from the herbal advantages, this dairy product is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, protein, and some of the necessary vitamins for the health of your body. The high amounts of calcium make this cheese a perfect match for your children since their body needs calcium to a great extent. It’s made through a modern process of milk fermentation, and the overall quality and shape are just like cream. This product comes with an almost dense texture and a mild taste of cheese combined with herbs. If you are a fan of Japanese cuisines such as Sushi, the willie cream cheese with herbs will do you the best. Willie cream cheese has long been used for cooking and making desserts. Now with the addition of the mentioned aromatic and nutritious herbs, you have a better chance of impressing others with your cooking and culinary skills. Give your dishes a new set of nutrition alongside a pleasant taste today with this innovative product of Kalleh.