Cube cheese

  • Prato Cheese
  • Green Pesto Cheese
  • Red Pesto Cheese

Kale cube cheese consists of three types of semi-hard Parano, green, and red pesto cheeses, all of which are semi-hard and cut into cubes. Green pesto cheese is of Italian origin and is produced with basil extract compounds. Also, red pesto cheese originates from Genoa, Italy, and labia extract causes the red color of the cheese. And lastly, the Prato cheese, originally from Brazil, is orange. All three types of cheese are high in protein and calcium, and their nutritional value is equivalent to 14-16 kg of fresh cow's milk. Cube Kale cheese can be served at parties with grapes, figs, apples, pears, hazelnuts, walnuts, crackers, and jams. Pour these cheeses on salad and pasta, or serve them seasoned with olive oil and dried vegetables as a side dish. In addition, due to the high protein content of this product, it can be used as a snack for children.

348 Cal
28 g
2 g
22 g
45 days in a refrigerator (4-8°C) before opening • 1 week in a refrigerator (4-8°C) after opening