French Butter with Salt

    Six Months Frozen

    Kalleh French Butter with Salt is what your croissant missed. This butter is a universally popular product with a fantastic aroma and texture. Kalleh French butter with salt is made with pasteurized butter from pasteurized cow cream. The taste of French butter with salt is tangy and milky. The fat content of French butter with salt is about 82%. This butter is cultured, which means the live active cultures are added to the cream before the butter is churned. You can use this butter for cooking and baking. This is the particular flavor you will taste in French croissant, the salted french butter! Salted butter is all-purpose. It can be used as a spread on bread, topping veggies, pasta, and added to many other recipes. If you want to turn an ordinary breakfast into a delicious treat, add one tablespoon of Kalleh French butter with salt to your oatmeal bowl. This butter will also be perfect for kids because it is enriched with beneficial elements that help their growth and immune system. Use this cream in your regular cooking and enjoy the unique flavor.