Maasdammer Cheese

three Months refrigerated

Kalleh Maasdammer Processed Cheese is an excellent product of Kalleh Dairy Group. This cheese is a member of the Gouda cheese family. It is also known as Maasdam cheese. This Dutch cheese is made from fresh cow’s milk. It has a creamy, nutty taste with an open texture containing about 45% fat that gives it that sweet and buttery flavor. Maasdam processed cheese has multiple large holes in its shape, which is appetizing and interesting. Its old shape was like a wheel, but it comes in multiple forms and different countries these days. Maasdammer Processed Cheese ages in a shorter period. It initially emerged in the 1990s as a replacement to the costlier cheeses of Swiss. Maasdam cheese has a shorter ripening process than other Dutch cheese, which gives it a yellowish color shell. Kalleh Maasdammer Processed Cheese can be used for many snacks and sandwiches. Since it has a new delectable taste, you can add it to soups and casseroles and enjoy its aroma and flavor. Mixing it with your salad is another delicious usage of this amazing cheese. Kalleh Maasdammer Processed Cheese pairs nicely with lasagna, gratin, pasta, and steaks. It is better to defrost this cheese at least half an hour before slicing and consuming it. The shelf life of this product is about three months refrigerated.