Prato Processed Cheese

Prato is a famous and traditional Brazilian soft cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Historically this cheese was introduced by Danish immigrants in the Minas Gerais state. This semi-gouda cheese has a mild and open taste, with yellowish color (for tropical fruit Annatto). This cheese is characterized by low salt and lactose content. Kalleh Prato processed cheese (Sliced) is one of the efficient products of Kalleh. It is made from Prato cheese, skim milk powder, and pasteurized butter. This high-quality cheese takes 45-60 days to mature, and it is enriched with portion, calcium, and phosphorus. The nutritious and healthy substances of Prato cheese make it easy to digest, which is recommended to everyone. Kalleh Prato processed cheese (Sliced) has an aromatic and smooth texture. It melts perfectly in different dishes with complete elasticity and tensity. Prato cheese can be an excellent complement to any sandwiches, snacks, and toasts; mostly, it can be appealing for children. The combination of Prato cheese in baked dishes is also savory and hearty. It can work well in pizzas, lasagna, casseroles, and pies. You can mix and match this cheese with jam, bread, fruits, and vegetables on a platter. The shelf life of this cheese is up to three months in the freezer.

    Three Months Refrigerated