Salami Processed Cheese

Salami Processed Cheese (Sliced) is a new bestseller product of the Kalleh processed cheese group. It is based on Gouda cheese, bologna, fresh cheese, and cream. It is considered as a healthy and nutritious cheese for its portion, calcium, and K vitamin. Salami processed cheese (Sliced) has a sweet and tangy taste mixed with salami’s savory spice. This cheese also has the buttery and creamy texture of fresh cheese. It has a desirable melting with appetizing aromas. Kalleh salami processed cheese is packed with tons of flavors, and because of its rich substances, it will elevate the taste of almost any foods. The shelf life of this cheese is about three months in the freezer. This cheese can be an excellent component in baked dishes such as lasagna, pizza, pies, and casseroles. It will bring out the best of salami-based recipes. Cream cheese is a perfect complement to salami processed cheese for a hearty sauce or soup. Kalleh salami processed cheese(sliced) is a perfect match for crackers and fruits on a cheese board as an appetizer. You can enjoy this fine cheese for a midday snack or kids’ lunch pack as well.

    Three Months Refrigerated