Sour Butter (Fat min.%82)

    Six Months Frozen

    Kalleh Sour Butter (Fat min.%82) is a special product of Kalleh Dairy Group which can be enjoyed in many desirable ways. Sour butter is made with fresh cow’s milk and butterfat. Making sour butter includes sterilizing the cream with heat until the butterfat content breaks away from the liquid. When two of them are separated, the thick content will get churned until a solid mass forms. Once combined, the sour butter is made. Kalleh Sour butter (Fat min.%82) has a slight hint of sourness. It can be used in various recipes. Adding it to baking recipes will give you a unique and flavorful taste. You can also use sour butter in cooking recipes during sauce making, pan-frying, sauteing, and grilling. Melt this butter over roasted vegetables and meats for an appetizing taste. Kalleh sour butter (Fat min.%82) will also work well with rice, couscous, and quinoa. The shelf life of this product is about six months frozen. Use this sour butter in different cuisines and enjoy its great zest.