Willie Cream Cheese %28

    four Months Refrigerated

    Kalleh Willie cream cheese (28% fat content) is a mild-tasting fresh and moisture cheese with a soft and dense texture. The perfect consistency of this cheese makes it an ideal choice for different cuisines. Willie cream cheese (28% fat content) is made from fresh milk and natural cream through the fermentation process. Kalleh Willie cream cheese 28% has a pleasing elasticity, and for that, it does not flow at room temperature. It has a magical taste packed with creaminess and savoriness. This cheese is enriched with a high amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, and many necessary vitamins. As a result, it will be a significant part of any healthy diet. You can use Kalleh Willie cream cheese 28% in cooking and non-cooking recipes, and the outcome will still be insanely delicious. You can use this cream cheese for classic recipes like different pastries, cheesecakes, filling/frosting creams, cupcakes, mousses, sauces, dips, rolls, and so many other snacks, toasts, and sandwiches. Willie cream cheese 28% will be an excellent addition to your cheeseboard, for it spreads easily and quickly on bread, bagels, and crackers. It will pair nicely with fresh fruits like strawberries, grapes, cucumber, and tomato. The shelf life of Willie cream cheese is about four months refrigerated and unopened.