Low Fat Seven Yoghurt

    20 Days

    Seven low-fat yogurt is a natural product from fresh cow’s milk and a starter with 2.5% fat. The delicious taste, low fat, and quality raw materials have made this yogurt a unique and distinctive product in the market of blended yogurts. The presence of probiotic bacteria in low-fat yogurt is beneficial for strengthening the body’s immune system and digestive systems. Son low-fat yogurt is an excellent yogurt with a unique taste. Although eating fatty or high-calorie foods is enjoyable, it is always stressful and worrying. With seven low-fat yogurts, we will experience the pleasure of a healthy, delicious yogurt without guilt. Also, this yogurt contains L-case, which is a probiotic bacteria. By producing antimicrobial substances and creating competition with harmful microorganisms, El Casey helps strengthen the body’s immune system and plays an influential role in preventing diseases.