Pasta Cube Cheese(Mozzarella)

Pasta Cube Cheese (Mozzarella) is a new and popular product of the Kalleh processed cheese group. The pasta cube cheese is a mozzarella-based cheese made from pasteurized high-fat milk. This cheese is mostly known for its milky flavor, soft, creamy, and moist texture. It is highly appreciated for its nutritious substances worldwide. Kalleh pasta cube cheese (Mozzarella) has the lowest sodium level versus the other types of cheeses. This rich cheese will help the strength of your immune system with its healthy dairy components. This nutritious cheese will add a shiny look, satisfying chewiness, and gourmet spice to your food. It is a real time-saver and will bring you easy and convenient cooking experience. You can sprinkle it over your pasta, add it in the pasta sauce, or scatter it over your baked dishes like lasagna. Although this cheese is named for pasta, it can be used in different recipes. This pasta cube cheese is a perfect pair for pizzas, casseroles, pies, and spaghetti. It will taste good in sandwiches, snacks, and toasts as well. Kalleh pasta cube cheese (Mozzarella) melts nicely on every kind of meat and vegetables. This cheese could be kept frozen for almost six months.

    Six months frozen(- °18 C)